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Government Shutdown

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is currently closed because of the federal government shutdown. 

While the federal government is closed, a limited number of EEOC services are available.  Please note during the shutdown, we are not able to staff our toll-free numbers: 1-800-669-4000 (voice); 1-800-669-6820 (TTY); or 1-844-234-5122 (ASL Video Phone). If you are trying to contact the EEOC, or have existing business with the agency, please refer to the following information. All EEOC digital portals will be closed and will not be accessible to the public.

Employment Discrimination Charges

The U.S. EEOC enforces the federal laws that prohibit job discrimination based on race; color; religion; sex; national origin; age; disability; genetic information; or based on retaliation for filing a charge of job discrimination, participating in an investigation of a job discrimination complaint, or opposing job discrimination.

Filing a Charge

If you are trying to file a charge of discrimination against a private employer or a state or local government employer, please remember that there are specific time limits. The time limits depend on where the employer is located or where the alleged discrimination took place. Generally, charges have to be filed within 300 days of the incident. However, if you are in a state where there is no state fair employment practice agency (North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, or Arkansas), the time limit for filing a charge is 180 days. These time limits may not be extended because of the shut-down

If you are within 30 days of your time expiring or you are unsure when your time expires, you should not wait until we reopen to begin the process.  Please go to part B below.  

  1. You can begin the process of filing a charge by submitting a Pre-Charge Inquiry. The EEOC will be accepting these inquiries about possible job discrimination during the federal government shutdown.  However, during the shutdown, the EEOC Public Portal will not be available for you to submit an Inquiry online.  Instead, you can download the EEOC Pre-Charge Inquiry, complete it, and mail, drop-off, or fax it to the EEOC office closest to you.  Your answers on the Pre-Charge Inquiry will help us see if your concerns are covered by the laws we enforce.  Please refer to the list of EEOC offices, below, to find the closest office. If it appears that the time limit for filing a charge will expire within 30 days, we will contact you immediately so that a charge can be filed even though the government is shut down.  Otherwise, we will be contacting you to discuss your inquiry once the federal government reopens.
  2. If you are within 30 days of your time expiring, you may file a charge by sending us a letter, which must be dated and signed in writing (not typed) and must include the following:
    1. Your name, address and phone number (email address would be helpful but is not required);
    2. The name, address and phone number of the employer, union, employment agency or other organization you think discriminated against you;
    3. The job action you think was discriminatory, when it occurred, and the reason it was taken (whether it was based on race; color; religion; sex; national origin; age; disability; genetic information; or based on retaliation for filing a charge of job discrimination, participating in an investigation of a job discrimination complaint, or opposing job discrimination; or for another reason).
    4. A request for the EEOC to take remedial action.

Please note that once you file a charge of job discrimination, the EEOC is required by law to notify the employer who is named in your charge of discrimination. The notice of your charge will include your name as well as your claims of discrimination.

We will not be able to investigate your charge during the shutdown. When the federal government reopens, we will contact you to discuss the claims in your charge.

Intake Interviews

During the time that EEOC is shut down, we will cancel intake interviews on a daily basis.  We will cancel the interview a day in advance of the scheduled interview through email notification.  Cancelled intake interviews will have to be rescheduled once the EEOC reopens. If you are within 30 days of the time expiring for filing a charge, we will contact you and conduct an intake interview. 

Pending Charges

We will not be able to respond to inquiries about pending charges during the shutdown. 

When the federal government reopens, you may check the status of your charge on or by calling the office where your charge is being investigated.

Requests for Reconsideration

During the shutdown of the federal government, the EEOC will be accepting requests for reconsideration but the EEOC will not be able to take any action on them. When the federal government reopens, we will review any pending requests. However, if you have received notice of your right to sue, please be advised that the time limits for filing your case in court are not suspended while the request is pending.  If you do not file suit within the time period, as explained in the dismissal letter, you will lose the right to do so.

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests and Appeals:

After the federal government shutdown ends and EEOC reopens for business we will      begin responding to your messages left for the FOIA Requester Service Center, 202-   663-4500, and/or the FOIA Public Liaison, 202-663-4634, in the order in which they were received.   Depending on the volume of messages received, it may take as long as 10 business days following EEOC's reopening to respond to your message. 

FOIA Requests for Charge Files by Charging Parties:  If you have received your 90-day notice of right to sue, please do not wait until the government reopens to submit a FOIA request for your charge file. If you do not request your charge file within the 90-day notice period, you will lose the right of access to your charge file without first filing a lawsuit in court on the charge.  We urge you to timely submit your FOIA requests for charge files to EEOC by email to, or by fax to 202-653-6056.  FOIA requests may also be submitted to the EEOC by U.S. mail, but the federal government shutdown will delay their receipt.  All requests are deemed "received" on the date they are received by an EEOC FOIA component, except those received on Saturdays, Sundays, federal public holidays or after close of business hours, which are deemed "received" on the next business day.

EEOC will accept all FOIA requests during the federal government shutdown, but EEOC will not be able to process FOIAs until after the federal government reopens.  A request may be submitted online by email to, or by fax to 202-653-6056.  A request may also be submitted to EEOC by U.S. mail, but the federal government shutdown will delay receipt.

Mediation - Private and Federal Sector

Mediations scheduled to occur during the period that the federal government is closed are cancelled until further notice. This directive applies to mediation of private sector cases and mediation of Federal sector cases. When federal government operations resume, mediators will contact the parties in each matter to reschedule the mediation.

Federal Sector Hearings

EEOC will accept Federal Sector hearing requests during the shutdown.  For parties involved in the federal hearings program, any hearing/proceeding before an Administrative Judge (AJ) (settlement conference, pre-hearing conference, mediation, hearing on a motion, or hearing on the merits) will be postponed until further notice. Similarly, deadlines for completing discovery or submitting motions are also suspended during the federal government shutdown.  For any matters that were scheduled and postponed due to the shutdown, the parties should contact the AJ to reschedule. Regarding deadlines for discovery or to submit motions, the general rule will be that applicable deadlines will be extended by the number of days the government is shut down. AJs have discretion to modify deadlines as appropriate.

Federal Sector Appeals & Requests for Reconsideration

EEOC will accept Federal Sector appeals and requests for reconsideration during the shutdown.  Please continue to follow the instructions given on the agency's final order or the EEOC decision. We suggest all appeals and requests for reconsideration be sent by regular mail and not by facsimile.  Regarding deadlines for briefs and complaint file submissions, the general rule will be that applicable deadlines will be extended by the number of days the government is shut down. This does not apply, however, to any deadlines that passed before the date of the shutdown.


Litigation will be suspended unless a continuance has not been granted by the court.    


All EEOC-sponsored outreach events are postponed during the shutdown. Additionally, EEOC staff is unable to participate in any outreach program regardless of the sponsoring organization during the government shutdown.

During the shutdown, information on this website will not be updated.  Transactions submitted via the website will not be processed, and EEOC staff will not be able to respond to inquiries submitted to until appropriations are enacted.

Field Office


Fax Number

Albuquerque Area Office                   

505 Marquette, N.W., Suite 900
Albuquerque, NM 87102


Atlanta District Office

100 Alabama Street, SW., Suite 4R20    
Atlanta, GA 30303


Baltimore Field Office

City Crescent Building
10 South Howard Street, 3rd Floor       
Baltimore, MD 21201


Birmingham District Office

Ridge Park Place     
1130 22nd Street South, Suite 2000    
Birmingham, AL 35205-2397


Boston Area Office

JFK Federal Building, Government Center,
4th Floor, Room 475                  
Boston, MA 02203-0506


Buffalo Local Office

6 Fountain Plaza, Suite 350                    
Buffalo, NY 14202


Charlotte District Office

129 West Trade Street, Suite 400   
Charlotte, NC 28202


Chicago District Office

500 West Madison Street, Suite 2000  
Chicago, IL 60661


Cincinnati Area Office

John W. Peck Federal Office Building   
550 Main Street,
Suite 10-019 
Cincinnati, OH 45202-5202


Cleveland Field Office

Anthony J. Celebrezze Federal Building
1240 E. 9th Street, Suite 3001                
Cleveland, OH 44199


Dallas District Office

207 S. Houston Street, 3rd Floor       
Dallas, TX 75202-4726


Denver Field Office

303 E. 17th Avenue, Suite 410              
Denver, CO 80203


Detroit Field Office

477 Michigan Avenue, Room 865          
Detroit, MI 48226-9704


El Paso Area Office

100 N. Stanton St.,
Suite 600
El Paso, TX 79901


Fresno Local Office

2500 Tulare Street, Suite 2601                
Fresno, CA 93721


Greensboro Local Office

2303 W. Meadowview Road, Suite 201    
Greensboro, NC 27407


Greenville Local Office

301 N. Main Street,
Suite 1402                 
Greenville, SC 29601


Honolulu Local Office

300 Ala Moana Blvd.,
Room 4-257         
Honolulu, HI 96850


Houston District Office

Mickey Leland Federal Building           
1919 Smith Street, 7th Floor                
Houston, TX 77022


Indianapolis District Office

101 West Ohio Street, Suite 1900    
Indianapolis, IN 46204-4203


Jackson Area Office

Dr. A.H. McCoy Federal Building
100 West Capitol Street, Suite 207     
Jackson, MS 39269


Kansas City Area Office

Gateway Tower II       
400 State Avenue,
Suite 905
Kansas City, KS 66101


Las Vegas Local Office

333 Las Vegas Blvd., South, Suite 5560  
Las Vegas, NV 89101


Little Rock Area Office

820 Louisiana Street, Suite 200              
Little Rock, AR 72201


Los Angeles District Office

255 E. Temple Street, 4th Floor              
Los Angeles, CA 90012


Louisville Area Office

600 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Place,
Suite 268
Louisville, KY 40202


Memphis District Office

1407 Union Avenue, 9th Floor         
Memphis, TN 38104


Miami District Office

100 SE 2nd Street, Suite 1500          
Miami, FL 33131


Milwaukee Area Office

310 West Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 500    
Milwaukee, WI 53203-2292


Minneapolis Area Office

330 South Second Avenue, Suite 720   
Minneapolis, MN 55401-2224


Mobile Local Office

63 South Royal Street, Suite 504         
Mobile, AL 36602


Nashville Area Office

220 Athens Way, Suite 350                 
Nashville, TN 37228


New Orleans Field Office

Hale Boggs Federal Building
500 Poydras Street, Room 809              
New Orleans, LA 70130


New York District Office

33 Whitehall Street, 5th Floor   
New York, NY 10004-2112


Newark Area Office

1 Newark Center, 21st Floor               
Newark, NJ 07102-5233


Norfolk Local Office

Federal Building,   
200 Granby Street, Suite 739                
Norfolk, VA 23510          


Oakland Local Office

1301 Clay Street, Suite 1170-N               
Oakland, CA 94612-5217


Oklahoma City Area Office

215 Dean A. McGee Avenue, Suite 524  
Oklahoma City, OK 73102


Philadelphia District Office

801 Market Street, 13th Floor       
Philadelphia, PA 19103


Phoenix District Office

3300 N. Central Avenue, Suite 690      
Phoenix, AZ 85012-2504


Pittsburgh Area Office

William S. Moorhead Federal Building 
1000 Liberty Avenue, Suite 1112  
Pittsburgh, PA 15222


Raleigh Area Office

434 Fayetteville St., Suite 700 
Raleigh, NC 27601-1701


Richmond Local Office

400 North 8th Street, Suite 350       
Richmond, VA 23219


San Antonio Field Office

5410 Fredericksburg Road, Suite 200     
San Antonio, TX 78229-3555


San Diego Local Office

555 West Beech Street, Suite 504    
San Diego, CA 92101


San Francisco District Office

Philip Burton Federal  Building, 
Suite 5000
450 Golden Gate Avenue     
San Francisco, CA 94102-3661


San Jose Local Office

96 North 3rd Street, Suite 250  
San Jose, CA 95112


San Juan Local Office

525 F.D. Roosevelt Avenue,
Suite 1202 
San Juan, PR 00918-8001


Savannah Local Office

7391 Hodgson, Suite 200  
Savannah, GA 31406-2579


Seattle Field Office

909 First Avenue, Suite 400
Seattle, WA 98104-6870


St. Louis District Office

Robert A. Young Building 
1222 Spruce Street, Room 8100 
St. Louis, MO 63103


Tampa Field Office

501 East Polk Street, Room 1000 
Tampa, FL 33602


Washington Field Office

131 M. Street, NE, 4th Floor 
Washington, D.C. 20507

202-419-0739 & 0701