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scoea Posted on 15/10 12:41
re: Aladiere suffers setback

I could not think of a worse idea than putting a striker on the right wing. How many years must we continue to have non-right siders playing there - particularly when we have one that is enjoying a particularly good run of form there anyway.

I dsiagree about Aliadiere's natural position. He is quite clearly at his best on the shoulder of the last defender, stretching the play and making space. OK, he may not be prolific but he can and will score and more important is his contribution to the team.

scoea Posted on 15/10 12:50
re: Aladiere suffers setback

I could not disagree more and in fact think you have it the wrong way round. Aliadiere, as I've said, can only be employed as a striker because he stretches teams. Our best football has come with him in that position.

Tuncay, however, is not a striker. He is a deep lying support striker and it is he with whom we will have more trouble fitting into the team.

scoea Posted on 15/10 14:43
re: Aladiere suffers setback

Sas, try and forget about his record, what other fans think of him or what your preconceived ideas were about him and judge on the pitch performance.

He has been excellent and provided a new dimension to our team AS A STRIKER. Tuncay has looked better coming from deep and so I am really struggling to see why you reach your conclusions.

scoea Posted on 15/10 15:03
re: Aladiere suffers setback

Was just about to post that!!! How on earth can you argue that Tuncay looks more natural based on a performance in which he missed a boatload of chances whereas Aliadiere missing chances is a sign that he isn't a natural striker. Aliadiere has given more to the team than Tuncay has in my opinion. I rate Tuncay and think he will prove to be an asset but I don't think it will be as a striker.

scoea Posted on 15/10 18:22
re: Aladiere suffers setback

Now, Sas. I know you say a lot of daft things bu "at the moment he is showing as much potential as campbell" is one of your better efforts.

I just cannot reconcile what your saying here at all. You quite clearly are watching a different player to the one I am. He is, quite clearly to anyone, a lot more than just 'quick' and any argument to the contrary will simply not wash with me. We have a different dimension to us when he plays and when he plays up front. I needn't argue about that as it is plain as the nose on your face.

I daresay you are dead right and that Tuncay will get more goals. However, what he has shown is that he is not that comfortable as an out and out striker. He has shown it in his career and during the games he has played for us. He is a deep lying player, whether that be on the right, left or through the middle.

Both of these players are in the infancy of their Boro career and I accept that we don't know for sure yet but based on their Boro performances to date, you are wrong in many ways.

scoea Posted on 15/10 18:39
re: Aladiere suffers setback

Maybe it might be you that takes a while to realise that you are wrong rather than Southgate. At this moment I would rather have Aliadiere in the team than Tuncay. I'd like to know when Tuncay has proven that he can score at this level too??

scoea Posted on 15/10 19:12
re: Aladiere suffers setback

Champions League and international - hardy the same as the Premiership.

For the record, I rate Tuncay. I think he is potentially a top player.

I just can't see how you can argue that he is a proven striker and yet say conclusively that Aliadiere isn't. Equally, how you can, with a straight face, liken him to Andy Campbell is truly beyond me.

scoea Posted on 16/10 10:39
re: Aladiere suffers setback

Sas, I think you are deliberately missing the point but I would like to congratulate you on what, I think, is the first positive thing I have seen you post. You rate Tuncay and I don't disagree, I think he is going to be a top player for us.

However, your arguments as to why Aliadiere should not play up front and that he is not as natural a goalscorer as Tuncay simply don't make sense.

Neither are proven Premiership players yet but what is clear from performances on the pitch and their previous careers is that Aliadiere is a striker whereas Tuncay isn't.

scoea Posted on 16/10 11:34
re: Aladiere suffers setback

Sas, you clearly don't understand the point I am making and nor have you watched them play this season. You don't see the problem with playing a striker on the right wing when we have just bought a player that has played most of his career there and who is playing bloody well there at the moment???

Interestingly Sas we were 7th top goalscorers before Aliadiere's injury. We are now 14th or 15th.

Lampard a better striker than Rooney?

scoea Posted on 14/10 16:43
re: HELP Groin Injuries....

When you play, does the pain start in the inner leg and move all around the hip? Once you stop playing does it stiffen up to the extent that you can't walk and does it hurt when you squeeze your knees together?

If so I have a very similar injury. I stopped playing for 4 weeks and didn't feel it and so returned. As soon as I started playing it came back and I am currently not able to play.

If you get any advice, let me know!!!

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