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PlayStation Now Network Connection Information

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[PlayStation™Now] Updated 08/29/2014

This article provides information on how to achieve the best connection possible to PlayStation™Now. For general information on the PlayStation Now Beta, please read this article..

Beta Requirements

Because PlayStation Now is streaming high-quality, low-latency video games, the quality of your network connectivity will help determine your eligibility to play. Users whose network connections do not meet the minimum requirements for streaming may not be candidates for the service.

  • A PlayStation Now supported device (PS4 and Bravia TV are in open beta. PS3 is currently in closed beta)
  • A steady broadband connection (greater than 5Mbps is highly recommended)
  • A PlayStation® DUALSHOCK®3 (on PS3) DUALSHOCK®4 (on PS4) controller
  • A Sony Entertainment Network Account

Internet Connection Information

The Importance of a Good Connection

Because PlayStation Now is streaming high-quality, low-latency video games, the quality of your network connectivity is critical. One of the ways we minimize latency is to connect you to a data center that is within close geographic and network proximity to your location. We have data centers distributed all over North America, so the vast majority of users are within close distance to at least one data center. However, proximity is just one of several factors that can affect your PlayStation Now experience. If your bandwidth is limited, your latency is too high, or your connectivity is otherwise compromised, you could experience poor video quality, increased lag, and other negative side effects.

The Connection Test

We want your PlayStation™Now game to be as flawless as possible every time you play -- testing your connection before each session is our way of making sure there’s nothing else happening that might impact your game. If there is, we’ll let you know. For an optimal gaming experience, we recommend at least 5 mbps of bandwidth. To minimize packet loss, we recommend using a wired Ethernet connection instead of a WiFi connection.

Failed Connection Test

A connection test often fails because your bandwidth is being consumed by other network activities. These may be activities done by you, by someone on your local network, or by applications running on computers, consoles, or mobile devices.

For example, if someone using the same Internet connection is streaming a video through Netflix and you were to try streaming a PlayStation Now game at the same time, then the quality of your gaming experience would be affected. This is because your Internet connection wasn’t able to allocate enough bandwidth to your game stream.

In addition, there may be upstream issues with your connection that are outside of your control. For example, network routing, network congestion, DNS issues, or other ISP-related factors may contribute to a failed connection test.

Improving Internet Connectivity

Use a wired connection: If you are connected to the Internet via a wireless connection (WiFi, 3G, or 4G), your streaming experience should be improved by connecting via a wired Ethernet connection instead.

Reduce the number of devices and applications running on your network: If any of the applications listed below are running on your computer, console, or mobile device, we recommend shutting them down to improve your Internet connectivity while streaming games.

  • Streaming video applications (Netflix, Hulu, YouTube)
  • Cloud backup or sync applications (Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud)
  • Content downloads (BitTorrent, software, games, movies, or music)
  • Video/audio communication apps (FaceTime, Skype)

Keep in mind that other people who share your Internet connection may have applications running on their devices too. A roommate or family member watching a Netflix video, downloading a game to their PS4, or performing some other high-bandwidth activity, can affect your available bandwidth.

Try off-peak hours: If you’re on a public or shared Internet connection - an office, hotel, library, or college dormitory - you may experience limited bandwidth, especially during high-usage times like early evenings and weekends. Please try connecting during lower-usage times such as early mornings or late nights.

Additional Help

We currently offer support for the PlayStation Now Beta through forums and chat. Our phone agents are unable to offer assistance for the beta at this time.

PS Now Beta Forums: The forum can be accessed


Live Chat: Click here to chat with a PlayStation Now Specialist during business hours. Current hours of operation are seven days a week, 5am-12am PDT.