The results of the 2017 Best of Portland Readers' Poll presented by New Seasons Market are finally in!
Look out for your favorite spots in the city below.

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Best Restaurant

Le Pigeon

Gabe Rucker's Le Pigeon is a nominally french restaurant known for its beef bourguignon, burger and, yes, grilled pigeon.

738 E Burnside St / 503.546.8796

· Runner-Up: Ringside Steakhouse

· Third Place: Farm Spirit

Best New Restaurant


This slick Middle Eastern restaurant was our most anticipated restaurant of the year winds up winning the best new restaurant award. This doesn't happen every year, folks.

2448 E Burnside St / 503.894.8082

· Runner-Up: Güero

· Third Place: Headwaters

Best Sandwich Shop


The food cart that grew into a fatty sandwich empire has now become into a Portland institution all before our very eyes.

1205 SW Washington St / 503.241.2490

1212 SE Hawthorne Blvd / 503.234.7786

· Runner-Up: Bunk

· Third Place: East Side Delicatessen

Best Brunch Spot

Tasty n Sons

Chef John Gorham's Tasty n Sons has been the city's go-to brunch pretty much from the moment it opened it's doors. The lines may still be long, but that shakshuka and expansive Bloody Mary menu always make the wait worthwhile.

3808 N Williams Ave C / 503.621.1400

· Runner-Up: Jam on Hawthorne

· Third Place: Broder Nord

Best Lunch Spot

Nong's Khao Man Gai

If you get here at the very beginning of lunch, you might just be lucky enough to find some chicken skin in your khao man gai.

1003 SW Alder St / 971.255.3480 

· Runner-Up: Olympia Provisions

· Third Place: Cafe Yumm

Best Mexican Restaurant

¿Por Qué No?

In a shocking twist, ¿Por Qué No? takes home this title once again. There really isn't much left to say about Bryan Steelman's taqueria: It's tasty, the lines are long and Willamette Week readers absolutely love it.

3524 N Mississippi Ave. / 503.467.4149

4635 SE Hawthorne Blvd / 503.954.3138

· Runner-Up: Los Gorditos

· Third Place: Nuestra Cocina

Best Mediterranean Restaurant

Nicholas Restaurant

Nicholas Restaurant has been serving affordably priced mountains of shawarma, hummus and saffron rice to Portlanders for over 30 years.

Three locations.

· Runner-Up: Ya Hala

· Third Place: Mediterranean Exploration Company

Best Indian Restaurant

Bollywood Theater

Chef Troy MacLartay introduced Portland to the kati roll and other street foods of India half a decade ago, and Bollywood Theater has been winning the WW reader's poll ever since.

3010 SE Division St / 503.477.6699

2039 NE Alberta St / 971.200.4711

· Runner-Up: Swagat

· Third Place: Sudra

Best Thai Restaurant

Pok Pok

One of the restaurants that put Portland on the culinary map, Andy Ricker's fish sauce wings dispensary has locations spread across town and even one in Portland East, formerly known as Brooklyn. But every Portlander owes it to themselves to make the Division Street and see where it all began.

3226 SE Division St / 503.232.1387

· Runner-Up: PaaDee

· Third Place: Cha'Ba Thai

Best Chinese Restaurant


This Cheap Eats staple does simple things well, starting with their housemade noodles. It does many things, like the house garlic-pepper sauce, very, very well.

3724 NE Broadway St / 503.287.0331

· Runner-Up: HK Cafe

· Third Place: Yuan Su Vegetarian

Best Ethiopian Restaurant

Queen of Sheba

The queen of Portland's Ethiopian scene continues her reign for another year with gigantic portions for all.

2413 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd / 503.287.6302

· Runner-Up: Bete-Lukas Ethiopian Restaurant

· Third Place: Enat Kitchen

Best Italian Restaurant


Living up to its name, Chef Cathy Whims' Italian restaurant blends the recipes from the old country with ingredients from our very own lush Pacific Northwest.

1401 SE Morrison St / 503.234.2427

· Runner-Up: Ava Gene's

· Third Place: Grassa

Best Kid-Friendly Restaurant

Laughing Planet

The logo looks like a minion. There are probably some other reasons kids like it, too.

Multiple locations.

· Runner-Up: Hopworks Urban Brewery

· Third Place: Mississippi Pizza

Best Dog-Friendly Restaurant/Bar

Lucky Lab

The Lucky Lab is more than dog friendly. They've been running Dogtoberfest, an annual charity dog washes to raise funds for animal shelters, for over two decades now.

Three locations.

· Runner-Up: Tin Shed

· Third Place: Bye and Bye

Best Vegetarian Restaurant


Somewhere along the quest to be Portland's best gluten-free restaurant, Prasad's sister restaurant also became the city's best vegetarian restaurant. Harlow isn't your typical gluten-free, mostly vegan bowl joint; it also has large, tasty breakfast menu.

3632 SE Hawthorne Blvd / 971.255.0138

· Runner-Up: Laughing Planet

· Third Place: Farm Spirit

Best Vegan Restaurant

Blossoming Lotus

It's a brave vegan restaurant that offers a Weekend Brunch. Blossoming Lotus doesn't just provide this service for hungover vegan Portlanders, it does it well.

1713 NE 15th Ave / 503.228.0048

· Runner-Up: Bye and Bye

· Third Place: Harlow

Best Gluten-Free Restaurant

Back to Eden Bakery

Back to Eden Bakery is a wonderful reminder that living gluten-free doesn't mean you also have to live pastry, cookie and cake-free.

2217 NE Alberta St / 503.477.5022

· Runner-Up: Harlow

· Third Place: Petunia's Pies and Pastries

Best Paleo Options

Dick's Kitchen

Chef Richard Shatnick designed the expansive burger menu at Dick's Kitchen with the paleo diet specifically in mind. Everything here is grass-fed and made in the healthiest possible way.

704 NW 21st Ave / 503.206.5916

3312 SE Belmont St / 503.235.0146

· Runner-Up: Cultured Caveman

· Third Place: Jurassic cart

Best Bar Food

Sweet Hereafter

Grab some jerk-marinated tofu and wash it down with a $2 Tecate at this vegan cocktail bar.

3326 SE Belmont St /

· Runner-Up: Bye and Bye

· Third Place: Migration Brewing

Best Steak House

Laurelhurst Market

True to form, Portland's favorite steakhouse offers some potentially life-changing cuts of beef without any hint of the snootiness that plagues most steakhouses.

3155 E Burnside St / 503.206.3097

· Runner-Up: Ringside Steakhouse

· Third Place: Ox

Best Barbecue

Podnah's Pit

Brisket is good. Chips & salsa are good. Brisket served with chips & salsa is good. I guess what WW readers are saying is that Podnah's Pit is really good. And they say this, like, every year.

1625 NE Killingsworth St / 503.281.3700

· Runner-Up: Homegrown Smoker Vegan BBQ

· Third Place: Russell Street BBQ

Best Seafood Restaurant

Jake's Crawfish

Portlanders have been eating crawdads at Jake's for over a century, and it's just as good as it ever was.

401 SW 15th Ave / 503.226.1419

· Runner-Up: Salty's on the Columbia

· Third Place: RingSide Fish House

Best Oyster Bar

EaT: An Oyster Bar

Ethan and Tobias (see what they're doing there in the restaurant name there?) opened up EaT nearly a decade ago to fill that cajun oyster void in this fair city's culinary landscape.

3808 N Williams Ave #122 / 503.281.1222

· Runner-Up: Dan & Louis Oyster Bar

· Third Place: Olympia Oyster Bar

Best Bakery

Back to Eden Bakery

The city's Best Gluten-Free Restaurant also takes home the coveted Best Bakery title because you don't need gluten to make amazing bread and pastries.

2217 NE Alberta St / 503.477.5022

· Runner-Up: Little T Baker

· Third Place: Baker & Spice

Best Food Cart

Homegrown Smoker Vegan BBQ

This beloved, blasphemous, Jolly Roger-flying all-vegan barbecue joint is actually set to open up a full-restaurant in St John's this summer, but at least it snagged one last Best Food Cart trophy before moving on up.

4237 N Mississippi Ave / 503.277.3823

· Runner-Up: Koi Fusion

· Third Place: Chicken and Guns

Best Food Cart Pod

SW 10th & Alder

Portland's largest food pod is also an excellent incubator for the city's next generation of restaurants. Grabbing lunch here is like taking a peek into Portland's future restaurant scene.

SW 10th & Alder St

· Runner-Up: SE 21st & Division

· Third Place: Cartlandia

Best Place to Eat Sustainably

Bamboo Sushi

Bamboo Sushi opened as the first certified sustainable sushi shack in the world. The world's fisheries may still be being depleted at a frightening pace, but at least Portland's sushi aficionados can feel better about the nigiri footprint.

Four locations.

· Runner-Up: Laughing Planet Cafe

· Third Place: Farm Spirit

Best Smoothie/Juice Bar

Kure Juice Bar

A healthy body is the key to an active, healthy life, and KURE's superfood-stuffed smoothies and bowls are a great start to both.

Multiple locations. / 855.777.5873

· Runner-Up: Canteen

· Third Place: Greenleaf Juicing Company

Best Dessert House

Papa Haydn

Opening up its doors nearly 40 years ago, Papa Haydn has been churning out some of Portland's finest desserts since before Portland was Portland.

701 NW 23rd Ave / 503.228.7317

5829 SE Milwaukie Ave / 503.232.9440

· Runner-Up: Pix Patisserie

· Third Place: Lauretta Jean's

Best Tea House

Townshend's Tea House

Tea can be black. It can be green. It can be chai. It can be a lot of things. Luckily for Portlanders, Townshend's Tea House brings every kind of tea under one roof.

Multiple locations.

· Runner-Up: Tea Chai Té

· Third Place: Steven Smith Teamaker Tasting Room

Best Coffee Shop

Case Study

Not every coffee shop flies their coffee bean farmers up to Portland for meet-and-greets with the shop's patrons, but that's just how Case Study cares about the quality of its coffee.

Three locations. / 503.477.8221

· Runner-Up: Stumptown Coffee

· Third Place: Water Avenue Coffee

Best Coffee Roaster

Coava Coffee Roasters

"Coava" technically means green coffee, but here in Portland it means killer coffee roasted by a dude who repairs motorcycles on the side.

1300 SE Grand Ave / 503.894.8134

· Runner-Up: Stumptown Coffee

· Third Place: Water Avenue Coffee

Best Brewery

Breakside Brewery

Breakside wins everything it's nominated for, whether judged by a panel of experts or the unwashed, boozy masses of the WW readership. They make good beer.

820 NE Dekum St / 503.719.6475

1570 NW 22nd Ave / 503.444.7597

· Runner-Up: Hopworks Urban Brewery

· Third Place: Commons Brewery

Best Vineyard

Sokol Blosser

In the summer, you can go hiking through this vineyard and see where one the nation's most famous Pinot Noir is made.

5000 Sokol Blosser Ln, Dayton, OR / 503.864.2282

· Runner-Up: Elk Cove

· Third Place: Soter

Best Winery


The kings of Oregon's sparkling scene have now claimed the title as best winery of any kind in Portland.

691 Highway 99W, Dundee, OR / 503.538.8520

· Runner-Up: Hip Chicks Do Wine

· Third Place: Southeast Wine Collective

Best Distillery

Eastside Distilling

Opening in 2008, these mutton-chopped distillers were at the forefront of the booming Portland liquor scene and have only grown better with age.

1512 SE 7th Ave / 503.926.7060

· Runner-Up: New Deal Distillery

· Third Place: Aviation Gin

Best Cidery

Portland Cider Company

The "Bailey's Taproom of cider" on Hawthorne offers an indecent amount of cider options, including the in-house 13% ABV Scrumpy, the moonshine of the British cider industry.

8925 SE Jannsen Road, Clackamas, OR / 503.908.7654

3638 SE Hawthorne Blvd / 503.206.6283

· Runner-Up: Reverend Nat's Hard Cider

· Third Place: Two Towns Cider

Best Burger

Killer Burger

This burger shack was founded on the motto that everything could use a little bacon on it. Or maybe a lot of bacon on it. Bacon may not be as trendy as it used to be, but Portlanders still love Killer Burger just the same.

Multiple locations.

· Runner-Up: Slow Bar

· Third Place: Little Big Burger

Best Pizza

Sizzle Pie

Sizzle Pie got its motto "Death to False Pizza" from a little-known 80s metal zine. It's not just Portlanders favorite pizza, it is Portland in pizza form.

Multiple locations.

· Runner-Up: Apizza Scholls

· Third Place: Pizza Jerk

Best Hot Dog

Otto's Sausage Kitchen

This blend of beef and pork has been dubbed by Willamette Week the "platonic ideal of sausage, alder smoke, healthy snap and meat free of filler."

4138 SE Woodstock Blvd / 503.771.6714

· Runner-Up: Zach's Shack

· Third Place: OP Wurst

Best Burrito

Los Gorditos

It's the vegan-friendly part of the menu that separates Los Gorditos from the competition in Portland's stacked burrito scene.

Three locations.

· Runner-Up: King Burrito

· Third Place: Robo Taco

Best Hot Sauce


If this condiment isn't on the table at your restaurant or available upon request, check your GPS because you're probably not in Portland anymore. tktk

9808 SW Quail Post Rd / 503.309.5030

· Runner-Up: Marshall's Haute Sauce

· Third Place: Hot Winter Hot Sauce

Best Sushi

Bamboo Sushi

Bamboo Sushi serves all the standard nigiri and sushi. They’ll also bring you a burning pagoda filled with mackerel if that’s more your speed. It’s that kind of place.

Three locations.

· Runner-Up: Mio Sushi

· Third Place: Yama Sushi & Izakaya

Best Banh Mi

Best Baguette

It's be cool enough just to be able get a banh mi at drive-thru, let alone the best banh mi in town.

8308 SE Powell Blvd / 503.788.3098

· Runner-Up: An Xuyen Bakery

· Third Place: Double Dragon

Best Ramen

Marukin Ramen

This Tokyo-born ramen chain opened in Portland just last year, and the city's ramen scene hasn't been the same since.

609 SE Ankeny St

126 SW 2nd Ave

· Runner-Up: Boxer ramen

· Third Place: Boke Bowl

Best Pad Thai

Pad Thai Kitchen

Pad Thai Kitchen makes Portland's best pad thai because of course it does. It'd have to change the name if it didn't.

2309 SE Belmont St / 503.232.8766

· Runner-Up: E-San

· Third Place: Cha'Ba Thai

Best Pho

Luc Lac

This beloved late-night eating spot even serves a cocktail with pho mixed in.

835 SW 2nd Ave / 503.222.0047

· Runner-Up: Pho Hùng

· Third Place: Pho Oregon

Best Teriyaki

Du's Grill

This unassuming shack on Sandy Boulevard specializes in grill-kissed perfection over rice.

5365 NE Sandy Blvd / 503.284.1773

· Runner-Up: Ate-Oh-Ate

· Third Place: 808 Grinds

Best Wings

Fire on the Mountain

Every bar has wings, but not every wings joint has it owns brewery. Fire on the Mountain has grown in leaps and bounds since it first opened up but its foundation remains unchanged. Try the Caribbean Jerk. Or the spicy peanut. Or El Jefe. Who are we kidding? Try them all.

Three locations.

· Runner-Up: Pok Pok

· Third Place: Buffalo Wild Wings

Best Bagel

Spielman Bagels

This beloved local chain that doesn’t feel like a chain covers its bagels with enough seeds to make a loaf of Dave’s Killer Bread blush.

Three locations.

· Runner-Up: Henry Higgins Boiled Bagels

· Third Place: Bowery Bagels

Best Chowder


You don't even have to drive out to the coast to get this iconic chowder anymore. They're at PDX now.

Multiple locations.

· Runner-Up: Salty's on the Columbia

· Third Place: Hawthorne Fish House

Best Omelet

Mother's Bistro & Bar

The omelet is the burrito of the breakfast world. Everyone and every restaurant has their own twists on this eggy delight, but Mother's offers something: Rotating omelet recipes from mothers all across the land.

212 Stark St / 503.464.1122

· Runner-Up: Gravy

· Third Place: Bijou Cafe

Best Benedict

Petite Provence

Two eggs, poached. A burgundy reduction. A croissant. Smoked salmon. Need we say more?

Multiple locations.

· Runner-Up: Genies Cafe

· Third Place: Olympia Provisions

Best Taco

¿Por Que No?

Some people thought $2.50 was too much for a taco when ¿Por Que No? opened its doors in 2005. That feels like ages ago as Bryan Steelman’s taco joint wraps up yet another Best Taco title.

3524 N Mississippi Ave. / 503.467.4149

4635 SE Hawthorne Blvd / 503.954.3138

· Runner-Up: Robo Taco

· Third Place: Stella Taco

Best Hot Pot

Hot Pot City

The spiritual sister of Best Pad Thai-winner Pad Thai Kitchen, Hot Pot City is fairly straight-forward: you get a burner, some broth, a wealth of meat, vegetable and vegetable offerings and, baby, you've got a hot pot going.

1975 SW 1st Ave / 503.224.6696

· Runner-Up: Beijing Hot Pot

· Third Place: Chongqing Huo Guo

Best Sausage

Olympia Provisions

Olympia Provisions offers the platonic ideal of salame, loukanika, chorizo… Well, pretty much any cured sausage.

107 SE Washington St / 503.954.3663

1632 NW Thurman St / 503.894.8136

· Runner-Up: Otto's Sausage Kitchen

· Third Place: Edelweiss Deli

Best Charcuterie

Olympia Provisions

The sausages get most of the headlines, but it's important to remember that Olympia Provisions also serves one hell of a meat board.

107 SE Washington St / 503.954.3663

1632 NW Thurman St / 503.894.8136

· Runner-Up: Laurelhurst Market

· Third Place: Tails & Trotters

Best Fish & Chips

Horse Brass Pub

It's only fitting that the city's finest pub also serves the city's finest fish & chips. Portland's beer scene may never have happened without this place, and Horse Brass may never have happened without delicious fish & chips.

4534 SE Belmont St / 503.232.2202

· Runner-Up: Hawthorne Fish House

· Third Place: Portland Fish Market

Best Izakaya


Burgers might not be the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of Izakaya, but Biwa makes the finest one in town.

215 SE 9th Ave / 503.239.8830

· Runner-Up: Miho Izakaya

· Third Place: Shigezo

Best Donut

Blue Star Donuts

Butter, butter and more butter is the secret to the brioche that keeps Blue Star atop Portland's donut scene.

Multiple locations.

· Runner-Up: Pip's Original Donuts and Chai

· Third Place: Voodoo Doughnut

Best Ice Cream

Salt & Straw

Not every ice cream maker would think to use habaneros. Or olive oil. Or lavender petals. But Salt & Straw did, and Portland is better for it.

Three locations.

· Runner-Up: Ruby Jewel

· Third Place: Fifty Licks Ice Cream

Best Frozen Yogurt

Eb & Bean

All of the dairy in Eb & Bean's froyo comes from farms within 100 miles of Portland.

1425 NE Broadway St / 503.281.6081

· Runner-Up: Nectar frozen Yogurt Lounge

· Third Place: Tartberry

Best Chocolatier


Moonstruck frequently collaborates with the robust local liquor industry to bring you the tastiest, booziest chocolate truffles on the market.

608 SW Alder St / 503.241.0955

· Runner-Up: Missionary Chocolates

· Third Place: Alma

Best Candy-Maker


It may seem expensive when you're at the register, but one lick of that lollipop and you'll understand.

1022 W Burnside St / 971.300.8395

· Runner-Up: Alma

· Third Place: Fat Man Candy Company

Best Pie

Lauretta Jean's

Kate McMillen—dubbed the "Queen of Crusts" by Willamette Week— learned everything she knows about pie-making from her grandmother, the titular Lauretta Jean.

3402 SE Division St / 503.235.3119

600 SW Pine St / 503.224.9236

· Runner-Up: Random Order

· Third Place: Pacific Pie Co.

Best Bloody Mary

Tasty n Sons / Tasty n Alder

The secret to an excellent brunch is an exceptional mary, and nobody in Portland does it quite like Chef John Gorham.

580 SW 12th Ave / 503.621.9251

· Runner-Up: The Country Cat

· Third Place: Genies Cafe

Best Margarita

¿Por Qué No?

The secret is adding a little chile to the salt around the rim.

3524 N Mississippi Ave. / 503.467.4149

4635 SE Hawthorne Blvd / 503.954.3138

· Runner-Up: The Matador

· Third Place: Verde Cocina

Best Mimosa

Jam on Hawthorne

Who says mimosas have to have orange juice? Jam on Hawthorne lets you mix it up lavender, grapefruit, hibiscus and more.

2239 SE Hawthorne Blvd / 503.234.4790

· Runner-Up: Mother's Bistro & Bar

· Third Place: Brix Tavern

Best Cocktail

Rum Club

Despite the name, the Rum Club has more than just distilled sugar cane. Between the gin, bourbon and, yes, full-page of rum cocktails, this joint out on Sandy has reached unachievable cocktail perfection.

720 SE Sandy Blvd / 503.265.8807

· Runner-Up: Expatriate

· Third Place: Clyde Common

Best Tallboy


Here in Portland, we like our flavorless, mass-produced tallboys—or "pounders," to use the parlance of our times—as locally sourced as possible.

Wherever beer is sold.

· Runner-Up: Tecate

· Third Place: Pabst Blue Ribbon

Best Strip-Club Food

Acropolis Steakhouse

The steak bites might actually be the more famous than the dancers at Acropolis at this point.

8325 SE McLoughlin Blvd / 503.231.9611

· Runner-Up: Casa Diablo

· Third Place: Mary's Club

Best Late-Night Menu

Luc Lac

Maybe it's being open until 4 am. Or maybe it's serving the readers' choice for Best Pho in town. Luc Lac is the best place to grab a bite after a night on the town.

835 SW 2nd Ave / 503.222.0047

· Runner-Up: Le Bistro Montage

· Third Place: Dots Cafe

Best Prix Fixe Menu

Farm Spirit

When Farm Spirit chef Aaron Adams became a vegan a decade ago, he thought his cooking days were over. Now, he's made the best prix fixe (and all-vegan) restaurant in Portland.

1414 SE Morrison St

· Runner-Up: Le Pigeon

· Third Place: Beast

Best Food & Drink Event

Portland Dining Month

Portland Dining Month is that magical time of the year where the city's finest—and sometimes most expensive—open their doors to serve a special meal at a modest price.

· Runner-Up: Vegan Beer and Food Festival

· Third Place: Feast Portland

Best Chef

Katy Millard – Coquine

Katy Millard once had a meal in Paris so perfect that she asked the chef for a job in the kitchen. She got it. That's just part of Portland's best chef's origin story.

6839 SE Belmont St / 503.384.2483

· Runner-Up: Vitaly Paley

· Third Place: Gabe Rucker

Best Patio

White Owl Social Club

A patio is more than just a place for smokers to congregate. The huge outdoor area at the White Owl Social Club plays host to music, events and pop up barbecue.

1305 SE 8th Ave / 503.236.9672

· Runner-Up: Teote

· Third Place: Rontoms

Best Delivery


Food? Booze? Condoms? Whatever your need, odds are you can have it brought it to your door and avoid the pain and discomfort of putting on pants.

· Runner-Up: Portland Pedal Power

· Third Place: Caviar

Best Hair Salon

Bishops Barbershop

Sip on a refreshing Montucky Cold Snack while your friendly stylist touches up your undercut or turns your Audrey Hepburn purple.

Multiple locations.

· Runner-Up: Tiger Tiger

· Third Place: Rudy's Barbershop

Best Nail Salon

Finger Bang

It's the name isn't it?

2725 NE Sandy Blvd / 503.477.9814

· Runner-Up: Visit Nail Studio

· Third Place: Mississippi Nails

Best Waxing Salon

Urban Waxx

The long, hot summer is finally upon us, and the all-female staff at Urban Waxx is here to make sure your bikini line and/or speedo zone is as smooth you need it.

Seven locations.

· Runner-Up: Sugar Me

· Third Place: Jane Cowan Facials & Waxing

Best Tanning Salon

Organic Bronze Bar

Organic Bronze Bar proves that a hand-applied spray tan can look healthy, organic and above all, natural.

Multiple locations.

· Runner-Up: Tan Republic

· Third Place: Bask Tanning

Best Barbershop

Cloak & Dagger Barber Co.

The only barbershop with a bar, pool table and coffee table that doubles as a piano.

3608 N Williams Ave / 503.206.7118

· Runner-Up: Bishops Barbershop

· Third Place: Rudy's Barbershop

Best Spa


This spa gets its name from the Finnish word for the steam that rises from when water is thrown on the hot coals in a sauna.

2713 SE 21st Ave / 503.236.6850

· Runner-Up: The Dragon Tree Spa

· Third Place: Zenana Spa and Wellness Center

Best Massage

East Bridge Wellness

The staff at East Bridge Wellness approaches massage as a collaborative practice, pooling their thousands of hours of massage expertise to help you heal and recover.

1416 SE 8th Ave / 503.208.8843

· Runner-Up: Zama Massage Therapeutic Spa

· Third Place: The Bodhi Tree Clinic

Best Float Tank

Float On

The dream of the staff at Float On, the largest float tank in Portland, is to give everyone the chance to float.

4530 SE Hawthorne Blvd / 503.384.2620

· Runner-Up: The Float Shoppe

· Third Place: Mudra

Best Soaking Pool

Kennedy School

This saltwater soaking pool is located where the old teacher's lounge used to be.

5736 NE 33rd Ave / 503.249.3983

· Runner-Up: Common Ground Wellness Center

· Third Place: Everett House Healing Center

Best Dentist

Bling Dental

This Pearl-based dental practice will keep your pearly whites as white as can be. See what we did there?

926 NW 13th Ave #150 / 503.227.2444

· Runner-Up: Timber Dental

· Third Place: Aspire Dental

Best Chiropractor

Renew Chiropractic Clinic

Dr Kristin Ochs' and her staff use techniques and treatments based in science with the ultimate goal of preventive health care instead of reactive care.

3808 N Williams Ave #133 / 503.445.1188

· Runner-Up: Evolution Healthcare and Fitness

· Third Place: The Bodhi Tree Clinic

Best Acupuncturist

Working Class Acupuncture

The goal of Working Class Acupuncture is to make acupuncture affordable and available to everyone.

3526 NE 57th Ave / 503.335.9440

· Runner-Up: Lisa Francolini – RiverWest Acupuncture

· Third Place: Evolution Healthcare and Fitness

Best Naturopath

Dr David Chang – Kwan Yin Healing Arts Center

Dr Chang combines naturopathy with acupuncture for a comprehensive, naturalistic approach to your health.

2330 NW Flanders St #101 / 503.701.8766

· Runner-Up: Evolution Healthcare and Fitness

· Third Place: Dr. Sam LeVine – Docere Naturopathic Wellness

Best Energy Healer

Jenna Bowers – Prema Health

Sometimes our wounds are physical. Sometimes they're psychological. But sometimes they're something else altogether. That's when you schedule a session with Jenna Bowers.

2305 SE 50th Ave #200 / 971.407.3428

· Runner-Up: Corrine Porterfield

· Third Place: Sid Snider – SynergyWellness

Best Midwife

Women's Healthcare Associates

The certified nurse midwives at Women's Healthcare Associates bridge the gap between traditional midwifery and modern healthcare.

Multiple locations.

· Runner-Up: Alma

· Third Place: Liz Clary – Rose City Midwifery

Best Gynecologist

Dr Lisa Johnson – Women's Healthcare Associates, LLC

Friendly, knowledgable and with an excellent bedside manner, Dr Johnson boasts a near-perfect score on

700 NE Multnomah Street, Suite 1600 / 503.249.5454

· Runner-Up: Dr. Lara Williams – The Oregon Clinic – Everywoman's Health

· Third Place: Dr. Laura Korman – Synergy Women's Health Care

Best Primary Doctor

Zoom Care

This chain of urgent care clinics looks more like an Apple store than a place you go to get stitched up after trying to open up a cardboard box with a scissor blade.

Multiple locations.

· Runner-Up: Dr. Dahra Perkins – Elevate Health

· Third Place: Dr. Denise Bilbao – Kaiser Permanente

Best Recovery Support Center

Alano Club of Portland

This historic community center hosts over 100 mutual aid support meetings a week for people battling addiction, no matter its form.

909 NW 24th Ave / 503.222.5756

· Runner-Up: Fourth Dimension Recovery Club

Best Gym

Hyatt Training

In a time when gyms mean expansive weight rooms and large classes, Hyatt Training feels like a boutique with its tailored-to-you approach to physical fitness.

1622 NW 15th Ave / 503.360.0053

· Runner-Up: Firebrand Sports

· Third Place: Fulcrum Fitness

Best Self-Defense Studio

McConnell's Boxing Academy

Confidence and self-defense go hand-in-hand. Molly "Fearless" McConnell'll make sure you leave the academy feeling good about your mean right cross.

707 NE Broadway St #201 / 971.266.1151

· Runner-Up: One with Heart

· Third Place: Krav Maga Worldwide Portland

Best Martial Arts Studio

One with Heart

Mas Guru Agung Janessa Kruse has been teaching Pukulan (Indonesian Kung Fu) to Portlanders of all ages and stripes since 1981.

4231 SE Hawthorne Blvd / 503.231.1999

· Runner-Up: McConnell's Boxing Academy

· Third Place: Renzo Gracie's Academy

Best Pilates Studio

MegaBurn Fitness

The Megaformer M3S machines at MegaBurn have made the dream of high intensity, zero impact workout a reality.

1874 NW 188th Ave, Beaverton, OR / 503.430.5159

· Runner-Up: Firebrand Sports

· Third Place: Pacific Northwest Pilates

Best Yoga Studio

The People's Yoga

The People's Yoga was founded on the belief that health, balance and well-being is a human right that shouldn't be financially restrictive.

Three locations. / 503.877.9644

· Runner-Up: The Bhaktishop Yoga Center

· Third Place: YoYoYogi

Best Crossfit

Crossfit Magnus

Magnus is latin for "great." Crossfit is latin for "getting swole."

· Runner-Up: CrossFit 503

· Third Place: VC Crossfit

Best Music Venue

Mississippi Studios

This renovated church has hosted countless local acts (and a few national one) in its day, including many of Willamette Week's choices for Best New Band.

3939 N Mississippi Ave / 503.288.3895

Crystal Ballroom

Perhaps McMenamin's most iconic venue, the Crystal Ballroom hosts many national bands and the occasional 80s night from Lola's if you're lucky.

1332 W Burnside St / 503.225.0047

· Runner-Up: Doug Fir Lounge

· Third Place: Revolution Hall

Best Outdoor Music Venue


Of all the historic properties McMenamin's has renovated, there is none more ambitious than this 74-acre converted farm and poor house just 20 minutes east of Troutdale.

2126 SW Halsey St, Troutdale, OR / 503.669.8610

· Runner-Up: Oregon Zoo

· Third Place: The Gorge Amphitheater

Best Place to See Free Music

Mississippi Pizza

Pizza and beer is a wonderful combination. Pizza, beer and free music is next level.

3552 N Mississippi Ave / 503.288.3231

· Runner-Up: Laurelthirst

· Third Place: Rontoms

Best Music Festival


As Andrew Savage of Parquet Courts once said in a WW article about Pickathon, "No advertisers, no waste, just music. This is what all music festivals should be like."

16581 SE Hagen Rd, Happy Valley, OR

· Runner-Up: Waterfront Blues Festival

· Third Place: PDX Pop Now!

Best Specialty Event

Oregon Brewers Festival

Pro-tip: Show up to OBF in the afternoon of the weekdays and you'll avoid both the lines and the bros. You might not even have to shout "Woo" whenever someone raises a mug.

· Runner-Up: FrightTown

· Third Place: The Tony Starlight Show

Best Record Label

Tender Loving Empire

Tender Loving Empire is a triple threat: a print shop, a boutique home decor store and the best record label in town.

Multiple locations.

· Runner-Up: Kill Rock Stars

· Third Place: Fluff and Gravy Records

Best Recording Studio

Jackpot! Recording Studio

It's been 20 years since Jackpot! owner Larry Crane and Elliott Smith finished putting this ramshackle recording studio together. Smith, Sleater-Kinney and REM are just a few of the artists who've recorded albums at this indie mecca.

2420 SE 50th Ave / 503.239.5389

· Runner-Up: The Hallowed Halls

· Third Place: Map Room Recording Studio

Best Local Band

The Pining Hearts

This psych-surf-rock fusion outfit features a saxophone and this year's Best Visual Artist-winner Kivett Bednar on guitar and vocals.

· Runner-Up: ADDverse Effects

· Third Place: Those Willows

Best Hip Hop Artist

The Last Artful, Dodgr

Her name alone gives you a good idea of what to expect with the Last Artful, Dodgr: It's got a reference to Oliver Twist, a reference to her hometown of LA, its baseball team and an allusion to a lifetime spent artfully dodging danger.

· Runner-Up: ADDverse Effects

· Third Place: Mic Crenshaw

Best Rock/Metal Band

Red Fang

Red Fang would be the Portland's sludgy stoner metal kings even if they weren't making self-deprecating, quirky music videos.

· Runner-Up: SKULL DIVER

· Third Place: Man Repellant

Best Indie-Rock Band

The Pining Hearts

Even these psych-surf-rockers have a hard time pegging their sound. It's a little "dance-y and upbeat," but also "dark and surf-y." It's Portland's best Indie-Rock sound, however you want to describe it.

· Runner-Up: SKULL DIVER

· Third Place: Those Willows

Best Folk Band

The Hill Dogs

This psychedelic folk outfit is all about sex, drugs, folk and roll.

· Runner-Up: Fox and Bones

· Third Place: Elke Robitaille

Best Blues Artist

Rae Gordon Band

The Rae Gordon Band is a 7-piece Blues supergroup of local talent, including this year's Best Visual Artist on guitar and of course, the city's soulful blues icon Rae Gordon on the vocals.

· Runner-Up: Ural Thomas and the Pain

· Third Place: Curtis Salgado

Best Classical Artist

Oregon Symphony

The Oregon Symphony is the oldest symphony on the west coast and it was also one of the first nationally to hire an African-American conductor. The late James DePriest turned it into a nationally acclaimed group during his 23 years at the helm.

· Runner-Up: Portland Cello Project

· Third Place: Les Green

Best Jazz Artist

Mel Brown

Brown started off as a session musician at Motown records before moving out to Portland in 1973. Jimmy Mak's may be closed, but you can still find this icon drumming about town.

· Runner-Up: Coco Columbia

· Third Place: Bad Panda

Best Comedy Club

Helium Comedy Club

The Helium may be frequent stop for national comedians, but it hasn't forgotten the local scene with events like the summer Portland's Funniest Person contest.

1510 SE 9th Ave / 888.643.8669

· Runner-Up: Curious Comedy Theater

· Third Place: Funhouse Lounge

Best Comedy Night

Lez Stand Up

Comedy is a rare opportunity to see the through someone else's eyes. Lez Stand Up gives you a window into the lesbian experience. They're all women. They're all gay. They're all funny as hell.

· Runner-Up: Helium Tuesday Open Mic

· Third Place: It's Gonna Be Okay

Best Ongoing Comedy Event

Bridgetown Comedy Festival

An annual comedy festival organized and booked by comedians for comedians, ensuring the very best of the Portland comedy scene takes center stage.

· Runner-Up: Who's the Ross?

· Third Place: All Jane Comedy Festival

Best Comedian

Caitlin Weierhauser

As Willamette Week put in a feature about Portland's best comedian, Weierhauser's goal is to smash the patriarchy with a dimpled smile and a few giggles.

· Runner-Up: Aaron Ross

· Third Place: Becky Braunstein

Best Dance Company

NW Dance Project

Portland's largest dance company is known for its intense, daring performances and its frequent collaborations with contemporary international choreographers.

211 NE 10th Ave / 503.421.7434

· Runner-Up: Bodyvox

· Third Place: Oregon Ballet Theater

Best Dance Studio

NW Dance Project

Portland's best dance company also hosts daily classes open on a drop-in basis to a public thirsty to learn how to dance everything from ballet to the nae nae.

211 NE 10th Ave / 503.421.7434

· Runner-Up: Afterglow Aerial Arts

· Third Place: Ecdysiast – A Pole Dance Studio & Company – Vega Dance+Lab

Best Place to See Theater

Portland Center Stage

Founded originally as the northern outpost of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Portland Center Stage presents a mix of classics like A Streetcar Named Desire and more contemporary work like Sex with Strangers.

128 NW 11th Ave / 503.445.3700

· Runner-Up: Artists Repertory Theatre

· Third Place: Shaking the Tree Theatre

Best Actor

Brian Sutherland

Not to be confused with the worst boxer of all-time, Sutherland is a character actor that we've all seen even if we aren't in the theater scene. He'll pop up on Grimm one week and then you'll spot him during the commercial break as well.

· Runner-Up: Kelsey Tucker

· Third Place: Vin Shambry

Best Playwright

Andrea Stolowitz

Stolowitz already has two Oregon book awards, but it's "Berlin Diary," a play trying to understand how the Holocaust led to her family's dysfunction, that's been the talk of the town all year.

· Runner-Up: Matt Stanger

Best Spoken Word/Storyteller

Brianna Barrett

Barrett's storytelling career began with the darkest story: a Hodgkin's Lymphoma diagnosis in 2013. From video series documentary her fight with cancer to "36 Perfectly Appropriate Dinner Conversations," Brianna Barrett has made Portlanders cry, laugh and rejoice in the catharsis of it all.

· Runner-Up: Jay Flewelling

· Third Place: Emmy Blue and the Squatchie!

Best Live Storytelling Event

The Moth

This New York-based storytelling organization puts on events all across the country—usually at the Secret Society and Holocene in Portland—along with a podcast and youtube channel.

· Runner-Up: Backfence PDX

· Third Place: SLANT Live Queer Storytelling

Best Museum

Portland Art Museum

Between a permanent collected 42,000 works of art large, a consistent lineup of major traveling exhibitions and the Northwest Film Center, the Portland Art Museum has something to fill anyone with wonder.

1219 SW Park Ave / 503.226.2811

· Runner-Up: OMSI

· Third Place: Oregon Historical Society Museum

Best Arts Festival


Performance and visual artists from all around converge on Portland for the annual Time-Based Art Festival, creating a myriad of installations, temporary galleries and unexpected public spaces for art.

· Runner-Up: Art in the Pearl

· Third Place: Wordstock

Best Independent Art Gallery


The not-for-profit gallery Disjecta has worked tirelessly to provide exhibition space for boundary-pushing contemporary artists for almost two decades now.

8371 N Interstate Ave / 503.286.9449

· Runner-Up: Blue Sky Gallery

· Third Place: Gallery 903

Best Place to Buy Art

Crafty Wonderland

What began as a pop up in the basement of the Doug Fir Lounge a decade ago has grown into a biannual event at the Oregon Convention Center and a brick and mortar store.

808 SW 10th Ave / 503.224.9097

· Runner-Up: Portland Saturday Market

· Third Place: Last Thursday

Best Place to Make Art


SCRAP is more than a studio that offers regular workshops for aspiring artists and hobby; it's a place where people learn the beauty of recycling, reduce and reusing.

1736 SW Alder St / 503.294.0769

· Runner-Up: IPRC

· Third Place: Pop & Paint

Best Visual Artist

Kivett Bednar

Bednar works with abstracted fields of layered colors in acrylic on canvases. Some look geometric, others like landscape, but always visually arresting.

· Runner-Up: Jessie Jordan

· Third Place: Sherry Dooley

Best Photographer


This photo duo shoots band and event photos, but it's their personal projects where you get a true sense of their creativity. You may not want your wedding photos to involve long exposures and third eyes, but it's nice to know that Mirifoto could make it happen if you did.

· Runner-Up: Aubrey Janelle

· Third Place: Sebastian Neri

Best Filmmaker

Kelsey Tucker

Tucker is a lawyer by day and model, actress, producer and filmmaker by night.

· Runner-Up: Matt Schulte

· Third Place: Tristan David Luciotti

Best Film Festival

Portland International Film Festival

From Best Foreign Picture nominees to low-budget Bulgarian flicks about honesty and integrity, PIFF provides an incredible opportunity to experience the international cinemascape.

934 SW Salmon St / 503.221.1156

· Runner-Up: HUMP!

· Third Place: Portland Queer Film Festival

Best Clothing Designer

Michelle Lesniak

This rule-breaking thrift store junkie won season 11 of Project Runway.

1123 SE Market St

· Runner-Up: Claire Doody

· Third Place: Sarah Donofrio

Best Zine

She Shreds

She Shreds is a modern twist on an old (and kickass) medium: A zine dedicated to highlighting, describing and changing the way we look at women guitarists and bassists.

· Runner-Up: Vortex Music Magazine

· Third Place: Nailed Magazine

Best Local Web Series


Seena Haddad's web series shines a light on the hip hop community in America's whitest city.

· Runner-Up: Adventures in #Adulting

· Third Place: Training Wheels

Best Bookstore

Powell's Books

Powell's just might be the only bookstore in the world that doubles as a tourist destination.

1005 W Burnside St / 800.878.7323

· Runner-Up: Annie Bloom's

· Third Place: Broadway Books

Best Comic Book Store

Things from Another World

Things From Another World offers a large selection of outsider comics to go with the standard Marvel and DC fare and its excellent online service.

2916 NE Broadway St / 503.284.4693

· Runner-Up: Excalibur Books & Comics

· Third Place: Bridge City Comics

Best Toy Store

Finnegan's Toys & Gifts

Portland's favorite independent bookstore steers clear of action figures and Nerf guns, opting instead for books, dolls, tea sets and building blocks.

820 SW Washington St / 503.221.0306

· Runner-Up: Thinker Toys

· Third Place: Kids At Heart Toys

Best Baby Store

Black Wagon

Maybe your baby doesn't care about fashion-forward accessories and indie labels just yet, but it's never too early to set them on the right path.

3964 N Mississippi Ave / 503.916.0000

· Runner-Up: Milagros Boutique

· Third Place: Polliwog

Best Boutique

Presents of Mind

Sauvie Island bath salt, Damian Lillard socks, a Bernie Sanders action figure… Presents of Mind has all the kitschy errata that a Portlander could want.

3633 SE Hawthorne Blvd / 503.230.7740

· Runner-Up: Breighla James Boutique

· Third Place: Folly

Best Women's Boutique

Paloma Clothing

The majority of the clothing lines carried in this Hillsdale boutique are made in the USA using eco-friendly means. Paloma Clothing's friendliness is not limited to the ecosystem, mind you, it also mails thank you cards to its reliable customers.

6136 SW Capitol Hwy / 503.246.3417

· Runner-Up: Sloan

· Third Place: Palace

Best Men's Boutique


This high end clothing retailer out of Seattle stretches the definition "boutique." Don't be surprised if you bump in Caleb Porter wandering the tie department.

833 SW Broadway / 503.227.3477

· Runner-Up: Communion

· Third Place: Threads Count

Best Women's Specialty Store

She Bop

This adult boutique puts a special emphasis on non-toxic body-safe toys, educational books and DVDs to make Portland as safe and sex-positive as possible.

909 N Beech St / 503.473.8018

3213 SE Division St / 503.688.1196

· Runner-Up: Paloma Clothing

· Third Place: Pencil test

Best Men's Specialty Store

Boys Fort

The eclectically curated, self-professed manthropology boutique is catered towards the manchild in all of us.

902 SW Morrison St / 503.567.1015

· Runner-Up: underU4men

· Third Place: John Helmer

Best Specialty Shop

Paxton Gate PDX

Taxidermy is making a comeback of sorts, as long as the animals are as ethically sourced as the work you'll find at Paxton Gate.

4204 N Mississippi Ave / 503.719.4508

· Runner-Up: Tender Loving Empire

· Third Place: Presents of Mind

Best Leather Goods Store

Tanner Goods

Tanner Goods' belief that quality, longevity and value are all independent means they will only sell goods worth holding onto.

4719 N Albina Ave / 503.222.2774

· Runner-Up: Will Leather Goods

· Third Place: Langlitz Leathers

Best Window Display


This high end faux boutique chain feels right at home in the Pearl.

1115 NW Couch St / 503.274.0293

· Runner-Up: Red Light Clothing Exchange

· Third Place: Presents of Mind

Best Shoe Store

Imelda's and Louie's Shoes

Imelda's isn't a place for stilettos or fancy high heels. It's more of a friendly, no-pressure environment where you go to get your badass bitch boots.

3426 SE Hawthorne Blvd / 503.233.7476

· Runner-Up: PedX shoes

· Third Place: Clogs-N-More

Best Jewelry Shop

Betsy & iya

This boutique offers patrons a view of the in-house studio space where all of its jewelry is hand-crafted.

2403 NW Thurman St / 503.227.5482

· Runner-Up: Maloy's

· Third Place: Presents of Mind

Best Eyewear Shop

Eyes! on Broadway

Eyes! on Broadway is a full service eyewear shop where you can get those thick cat's eye rims you always wanted.

2300 NE Broadway St / 503.284.2300

· Runner-Up: MyOptic Optometry

· Third Place: Fetch

Best Clothing Resale Store

Buffalo Exchange Hawthorne

As far as affordably priced consignment stores go, one on Hawthorne Boulevard is going to have about as interesting a selection as you'll ever see.

1420 SE 37th Ave / 503.234.1302

· Runner-Up: Red Light Clothing Exchange

· Third Place: Rerun

Best Antique/Vintage Store


Furniture, clothing, jewelry, books, movies, music…you name it and Rerun will help it find a new home.

707 NE Fremont St / 503.517.3786

· Runner-Up: Vintage Pink

· Third Place: ReClaim It!

Best Home Goods Store

Kitchen Kaboodle

Kitchen Kaboodle has everything you need to bring your kitchen up to code, yes, but it also has a wide selection of groovy furniture.

Multiple locations.

· Runner-Up: IKEA

· Third Place: City Liquidators

Best Furniture Store

Lounge Lizard

This Southeast shop with an exceptional collection of moderately priced vintage—and sometimes unique!—furniture far more interesting and well-made than anything you'll find at Ikea.

1310 SE Hawthorne Blvd / 503.232.7575

· Runner-Up: City Liquidators

· Third Place: The Joinery

Best Kitchen Store

Kitchen Kaboodle

Portland's Kitchen Kaboodle isn't like most kitchen supplies stores. It sells similar wares, to be sure, but it also runs Nespresso cup recycling programs and proudly displays employee-drawn sidewalk signs with Neil Diamond imploring people to shop local.

Multiple locations.

· Runner-Up: Sur la Table

· Third Place: Williams-Sonoma

Best Sports Store/Outfitter

Next Adventure

Next Adventure is Portland's alternative sports and outdoor store, by which we mean it takes disc golf as seriously as hiking, climbing and other outdoor activities.

426 SE Grand Ave / 503.233.0706

· Runner-Up: REI

· Third Place: Columbia Sportswear

Best Running Store

Portland Running & Walking Co

Shoe fit is important, but PRC also makes sure the shoes fit your running style and provide support where you need it.

800 SE Grand Ave / 503.232.8077

10029 SW Nimbus Ave. #100 / 503.524.7570

· Runner-Up: Foot Traffic

· Third Place: Fleet Feet Sports

Best Bike Shop

River City Bicycles

Between the free tune-ups, upstairs test track and the vast selection—including a nearby outlet—River City Bicycles is Portland's one-stop bike heaven.

706 SE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd / 503.233.5973

· Runner-Up: Community Cycling Center

· Third Place: Gladys Bikes

Best Hardware Store

Ace Hardware, Pearl District

This giant hardware store franchise allows local owners—like Uptown Hardware here at the Pearl location—to stock their stores with whatever hardware supplies to fit your home-crafting needs.

1621 NW Glisan St / 503.228.5135

· Runner-Up: Woodstock Hardware

· Third Place: Beaumont Hardware

Best General Contractor

Neil Kelly

The Best General Contractor in Portland all started seven decades ago with a $100 investment. While it's known largely for its home remodeling, Neil Kelly offers a comprehensive range of services to make your house into your dream home.

804 N Alberta St / 503.288.7461

· Runner-Up: Andersen Construction

· Third Place: Hartwood Construction

Best Plumber

D & F Plumbing

D&F's team of licensed journeyman plumbers handle bother residential and commercial work.

4636 N Albine Ave / 503.282.0993

· Runner-Up: Three Mountains Plumbing

· Third Place: Bruner Plumbing

Best Electrician

West Side Electric Co

West Side Electric has been keeping the juice running smooth and safely at Portland homes and businesses since 1961.

1834 SE 8th Ave / 503.231.1548

· Runner-Up: Bridgetown Electric

· Third Place: Squires Electric

Best Flooring Company

Classique Floors + Tile

This is this now-40-year-old Classique Floors + Tile's first win in the readers poll, but that's only because this is the first year we've included the "Best Flooring Company" category.

14127 SE Stark St / 503.255.6775

· Runner-Up: Floor Factors

· Third Place: Oregon Select Wood Floors

Best Landscaper

Dennis 7 Dees (Powell)

This award-winning landscaper doesn't just put photos of their previous work, each example comes with an in-depth description of just how that beautiful scene before your eyes came to life.

6025 SE Powell Blvd / 503.777.1421

Best Roofer

Fiedler on the Roof

It's the pun every roofer wants to make, but few are able to actually pull it off.

· Runner-Up: Fiedler On The Roof

· Third Place: Bliss Roofing

Best Garden Supply/Nursery

Portland Nursery

Gardening is so much more than just setting plants in soil and occasionally watering them, Portland Nursery offers year-round classes to make sure you run into any surprises in your home garden.

9000 SE Division St / 503.788.9000

5050 SE Stark St / 503.231.5050

· Runner-Up: Pistil's Nursery

· Third Place: Garden Fever

Best Flower Shop

Sammy's Flowers

Sammy's Flowers offers both traditional arrangements and some that try to replicate the vibe of the Portland streets their named after, from stately Winston Drive to the sleek style of Burnside.

1710 W Burnside St / 503.222.9759

· Runner-Up: Solabee Flowers & Botanicals

· Third Place: New Seasons

Best Grocery Store

New Seasons

Portland's answer to Whole Foods has spread from it's humble beginnings on Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway to locations throughout the metro area. It also sports one of the finest meat counters you'll find outside of Gartner's.

Multiple locations.

· Runner-Up: Trader Joe's

· Third Place: Fred Meyer

Best Food

People's Food Co-op

People's Food is one of those special cooperatives that not only kicked off the trend of community-owned grocery stores, it also hosts the longest-running farmers' market in town.

3029 SE 21st Ave / 503.674.2642

· Runner-Up: Alberta Street Co-op

· Third Place: Food Front

Best Ethnic Market


The largest Japanese supermarket in the Portland area can be a dangerous place: Go in there without a clear objective and you'll leave with a cart overflowing with gyoza, soba, sweet, sweet Beard Papa cream puff, and much, much more.

105000 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy, Beaverton, OR / 503.643.4512

· Runner-Up: Portland Mercado

· Third Place: Fubonn Shopping Center

Best Farmers Market

Portland Farmers Market, Portland State University

The PSU Farmers Market on the South Park Blocks is an ideal way to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon browsing the organic produce while munching a delicious Italian sausage from Salumeria di Carlo.

1875 SW Pedestrian Trailer / 503.241.0032

· Runner-Up: Hollywood Farmers Market

· Third Place: Milwaukie Farmers Market

Best Sustainable Takeout Service


Unlike most app- and web-based delivery services, Caviar charges a fee. But also unlike most app- and web-based delivery services, Caviar's selection is carefully curated with the foodie in mind.

· Runner-Up: GrubHub

· Third Place: GO Box

Best Meat Counter


Proudly defending the food chain since 1959, Gartner's offers an indecently large selection of meat to go along with processing services for people who like their meat a little gamier.

7450 NE Killingsworth St / 503.252.7801

· Runner-Up: Laurelhurst Market

· Third Place: New Seasons

Best Wine Shop


Portland's finest wine shop prides itself on not taking this fermented grape drank too seriously.

137 SE 28th Ave / 503.235.8545

· Runner-Up: Division Wines

· Third Place: Blackbird Wine Shop

Best Bottle Shop

Belmont Station

Somewhere between the 1,200 bottles and more than 20 rotating taps, the Beer Goddess' beer bar and bottle shop is the closest you'll come to reaching true Beervana.

4500 SE Stark St / 503.232.8538

· Runner-Up: John's Market

· Third Place: Saraveza

Best Smoke Shop

Third Eye Shoppe

WW readers cast their votes for this soon-to-be closing Portland icon as an act of defiance to the rising rent gods.

3950 SE Hawthorne Blvd / 503.232.3393

· Runner-Up: Rich's

· Third Place: Mary Jane's House of Glass

Best Vape Shop

Division Vapor North

"Vape on, Portland" is the motto for this one-stop shop for Portland's vaping community.

1207 NE Alberta St / 503.281.8273

· Runner-Up: Digital Smoke Pdx

Best Skate Shop

Cal's Pharmacy

You won't find any actual drugs at Cal's Pharamcy, just dope boards and threads.

1400 E Burnside St / 503.233.1237

· Runner-Up: Commonwealth Skateboarding

· Third Place: Daddie's

Best Tattoo Shop

Atlas Tattoo

From the colorful psychedelia of co-founder Jerry Ware to the Native American-inflected naturalistic work of Cheyenne Sawyer, Atlas Tattoo has been creating some of the city's best, most inventive tattoos for going on two decades.

4543 N Albina Ave / 503.281.7499

· Runner-Up: Scapegoat Tattoo

· Third Place: Icon Tattoo Studio

Best Sex Shop

She Bop

This sex-positive, female-friendly, all-inclusive sex shop draws its name from Cyndi Lauper's ode to sex and masturbation because she bop, he bop and we bop.

909 N Beech St / 503.473.8018

3213 SE Division St / 503.688.1196

· Runner-Up: Fantasy For Adults Only

· Third Place: Spartacus

Best Record Store

Music Millennium

Portland's oldest record store and most storied record store has had this category locked down since the dark days before Willamette Week was published.

3158 E Burnside St / 503.231.8926

· Runner-Up: Mississippi Records

· Third Place: Everyday Music

Best Musical Instrument Store

Trade Up Music

Just because you're getting a new amp doesn't mean your old one has to gather dust in your attic. Trade Up Music can help it find a new, loving home.

4701 SE Division St / 503.236.8800

1834 NE Alberta St / 503.335.8800

· Runner-Up: Portland Music company

· Third Place: Artichoke music

Best Movie Theater

Hollywood Theatre

You owe it to yourself to see 2001: A Space Odyssey and Lawrence of Arabia (and the upcoming Dunkirk) in their original 70mm with a beer in hand.

4122 NE Sandy Blvd / 503.493.1128

· Runner-Up: Living Room Theaters

· Third Place: Laurelhurst Theater

Best Camera Shop

Pro Photo Supply

Pro Photo Supply endeavors to be more than just a photo shop; it's a gathering spot for Portland's vibrant photographic community.

1112 NW 19th Ave / 503.241.1112

· Runner-Up: Blue Moon Camera and Machine

· Third Place: Citizens Photo

Best Print Shop

Morel Ink

From tee shirts to posters to backpacks, you name it and Morel Ink will put a print on it.

4824 NE 42nd Ave / 503.736.0111

· Runner-Up: Cedar House Media

· Third Place: East Side Printing Company

Best Screen Print Shop

Oregon Screen Impressions

This time-tested, eco-friendly shop on Northeast Broadway churns out over 15,000 prints daily.

3580 NE Broadway St / 503.231.0181

· Runner-Up: Little Red Press

· Third Place: Seizure Palace

Best Car Dealership

Wentworth Subaru

Not to be confused with the catchy jingles from JG Wentworth, Wentworth Subaru on Burnside is where Portlanders go to get the city's signature car.

400 E Burnside St / 888.718.8299

· Runner-Up: Ron Tonkin Honda

· Third Place: Carr Subaru

Best Used-Car Dealership


We're just glad CarMax is getting Andy Daly some of that sweet, sweet ad money these days.

9405 SW Cascade Ave, Beaverton, OR / 503.574.2884

13570 SE Johnson Rd, Milwaukie, OR / 503.786.8887

· Runner-Up: Powell Motors

· Third Place: AAA Oregon AutoSource

Best Motorcycle Dealership

Vespa Portland

We've all driven past a special Vespa Portland mural. It's a mural showing an idyllic Portland, a perfect Portland, a Portland where everyone owns a Vespa. While the company moved from Slabtown to MLK, we'd still like to think that Portland is possible.

205 SE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd / 503.222.3779

· Runner-Up: See See KTM

· Third Place: Motocorsa

Best Auto Repair

Green Drop Garage

Green Drop Garage is dedicated to the use of sustainable practices while tuning your car, all the way down to recycled oil.

1417 SE 9th Ave / 503.236.7767

5321 SE 28th Ave / 503.567.8344

· Runner-Up: Hawthorne Auto Clinic

· Third Place: Everett Street Autoworks

Best Bank/Credit Union

OnPoint Community Credit Union

OnPoint is a local, employee-owned community credit union that tries to be the very opposite of the frustrating, convoluted and impersonal experience of banking with a national titan.

Multiple locations.

· Runner-Up: Advantis Credit Union

· Third Place: Rivermark Community Credit Union

Best Child Day Care


Not every day care stresses how eco-friendly their practices are. Here in Portland, we support those who go that extra mile.

Three locations.

· Runner-Up: WeVillage

· Third Place: Growing Seeds

Best Doggie Day Care

Virginia Woof Dog Daycare

WW readers' favorite doggie daycare is also its punniest.

1520 W Burnside St / 503.224.5455

· Runner-Up: LexiDog Boutique & Social Club

· Third Place: Sniff Dog Hotel

Best Pet Store

Pets on Broadway

Portland's largest independent pet store is here for the city's entire pet community, from the well-being of your best friend Oliver Cromwell to donating pet food to local shelters.

2762 NE Broadway St / 503.282.5824

· Runner-Up: Healthy Pets Northwest

· Third Place: Meat for Cats & Dogs

Best Dog Groomer

Hair of the Dog

Not to be confused with Portland's iconic brewery of the same name, Hair of the Dog focuses on the literal interpretation of the phrase.

1211 NE Alberta St / 503.284.9274

· Runner-Up: LexiDog Boutique & Social Club

· Third Place: Pawsitively Clean

Best Veterinary Practice

Alberta Veterinary Care

Pet owners love Alberta Veterinary Care's emphasis on communication, including detailed emails and accessible health information online about your pet after every visit.

1737 NE Alberta St Suit 102 / 503.206.7700

· Runner-Up: Northwest Neighborhood Veterinary Hospital

· Third Place: Mt. Tabor Veterinary Clinic

Best Dog Walker

Hot Diggity! Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

Hot Diggity! has been Portland's number one dog-walking service since 2001, partly due to its guaranteed pet-sitting service for members.

1631 NE Broadway St #715 / 503.887.0086

· Runner-Up: Portland Mutt Strut

· Third Place: Forest Bark

Best Real Estate Agent

Jen Lundstrom – Meadows Group, Inc., Realtors

Portland realty is in Jen Lundstrom's blood, literally. The University of Oregon grad is a fifth-generation Portlander and third-generation realtor.

· Runner-Up: Laura Wood – Think Real Estate

· Third Place: Claire Paris – Paris Group Realty

Best Real Estate

Think Real Estate

Think Real Estate is a customer-oriented broker that puts in the time and effort to ensure home-buyers find the right fit, location and price.

2923 NE Broadway St / 503.847.2722

· Runner-Up: Urban Nest Realty

· Third Place: Living Room Realty

Best Mortgage Broker

Mark Snow – Mortgage Trust

Not every mortgage broker can say they won "Top Male Solo" in a ballroom dancing class by busting a move to Usher.

· Runner-Up: Steph Noble – Guild Mortgage

· Third Place: Gary Boyer – Mortgage Monkey

Best Hotel

The Nines

From the central location to the Urban Farmer to the rooftop bar Departure, the Nines is a special way to experience Portland.

525 SW Morrison St / 877.229.9995

· Runner-Up: Hotel deLuxe

· Third Place: Ace Hotel

Best Summer Camp

Camp Namanu

Camp Namanu exists to fight the summer learning divide for children in-between grades. Just an hour east of Portland, it offers an opportunity for kids to swim, make crafts and learn how to ride horseback, alongside many other healthy, outdoors activities.

· Runner-Up: Rock 'N' Roll Camp For Girls

· Third Place: Trackers Earth

Best Nonprofit

Oregon Humane Society

The Oregon Humane Society helps 11,000 animals every year and is leading the fight to end petlessness in the state.

1067 NE Columbia Blvd / 503.285.7722

· Runner-Up: The ReBuilding Center

· Third Place: Mercy Corp

Best Creative Agency

Weiden + Kennedy

Some of the best, weirdest and award-winningest ads of the past two decades came out of this shop, which began with three simple words: "Just do it."

224 NW 13th Ave / 503.937.7000

· Runner-Up: OMFGCO

· Third Place: Sasquatch Agency

Best Event Service Company

Vibrant Table

Catering is about more than just the food, and that's what sets Vibrant Table apart. They coordinate the food with the music, entertainment, lighting, drapes and whatever else is needed to make your event a success.

2010 SE 8th Ave / 503.297.9635

· Runner-Up: Hollywood Lights

· Third Place: Henry V Events

Best Radio Station

91.5 OPB

Oregon Public Broadcasting provides a healthy range of local, national and international programming to keep your mind sharp and informed.

7140 SW Macadam Ave / 503.244.9900

· Runner-Up: 107.1 XRAY.FM

· Third Place: 89.9 All Classical Portland

Best Radio Station (music)

107.1 XRAY.FM

By Portland, for Portland, 107.1 XRAY fm gives a "boom mic" to local thinkers, comedians and journalists while also playing music curated by over 80 local DJs.

5415 N Albina Ave / 503.233.2700

· Runner-Up: 89.9 All Classical Portland

· Third Place: 89.1 KMHD Jazz

Best Radio Station (talk)

91.5 OPB

To go along with nationally syndicated programs like All Things Considered, OPB allows Portland listeners to learn about and confront local issues and culture through Think Out Loud and State of Wonder.

7140 SW Macadam Ave / 503.244.9900

· Runner-Up: 107.1 XRAY.FM

· Third Place: 90.7 KBOO

Best Radio Station (sports)

Blazer's Edge Radio – XRAY.FM

Hosted by writer Peter Sampson, Blazer's Edge is a weekly radio show that keeps you up-to-date on the 'Zers with a local voice you won't hear anywhere else.

5415 N Albina Ave / 503.233.2700

· Runner-Up: 1080 the Fan

· Third Place: 620 Rip City Radio

Best Radio Personality

Daria Eliuk – 94/7

Eliuk has been a fixture of Portland's radiowaves (and airwaves) for two decades now.

· Runner-Up: Christa Wessel – All Classical Portland

· Third Place: Robert McBride – All Classical Portland

Best Local Radio Show

The Score with Edmund Stone – All Classical Portland

Edmund Stone's deep dive into the history of classical music and film scores is a must listen for music lovers and cinephiles alike.

· Runner-Up: XRAY in the Morning – XRAY.FM

· Third Place: Mike and Amy in the Morning – The Wolf

Best Local Blog

Bike Portland has been educating, helping and advocating for Portland's bike culture for over a decade now.

· Runner-Up: Blogtown, PDX

· Third Place: Next Portland

Best Local Podcast

Funemployment Radio

In the years since recording a podcast a week after losing their jobs in 2009, Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Funemployment Radio has gained national acclaim and spawned its own funny, crazy and sometimes profane podcast network.

4110 SE Hawthorne Blvd / 503.575.9120

· Runner-Up: Unzipped PDX

· Third Place: Reboot, Reuse, Recycle

Best Local TV Newscast


From the morning traffic cast to Canzano tucking you in on Sports Sunday, WW readers love their local NBC affiliate.

1501 SW Jefferson St / 503.226.5000

· Runner-Up: KATU News

· Third Place: Fox 12 Oregon

Best Local News Reporter

Brenda Braxton – KGW

Portlanders have been waking up with Brenda Braxton as their morning anchor for over a quarter of a century.

· Runner-Up: Drew Carney – KGW

· Third Place: Tracy Barry – KGW

Best Local Meteorologist

Matt Zaffino – KGW

Whether you're wondering if you should bring an umbrella or just curious about weather at the bitch beach this weekend, Matt Zaffino is Portland's most trusted voice in weather.

· Runner-Up: Andy Carson – Fox 12 Oregon

· Third Place: Rod Hill – KGW

Best Local Celebrity

The Unipiper

New York has Frank Sinatra, Cleveland has Drew Carey, and Portland has a kilt-wearing dude playing bagpipes on a unicycle.

· Runner-Up: Storm Large

· Third Place: Carla Rossi

Best Professional Athlete

Damian Lillard

After an all-star snub this past season, Dame DOLLA led the Blazers on an improbably run to the second round of the playoffs all while also juggling a rap career.

· Runner-Up: Diego Valeri

· Third Place: CJ McCollum

Best Portland Events Calendar

Portland Mercury

Even we'll admit it: The Merc has a pretty great events calendar.

115 SW Ash St / 503.294.0840

· Runner-Up: PDX Pipeline

· Third Place: All Classical Cultural Events Calendar

Best Bar

Crush Bar

The drinks are stiff (and cheap), the burlesque is frequent and the atmosphere is inclusive here at Crush, Portland's friendliest neighborhood gay bar.

1400 SE Morrison St / 503.235.8150

· Runner-Up: Sweet Hereafter

· Third Place: Rontoms

Best New Bar


Taking over the spot vacated by P.R.E.A.M., Associated offers the best bar pizza in town.

2131 SE 11th Ave / 503.231.2809

· Runner-Up: Bar Casa Vale

· Third Place: Solo Club

Best Dive Bar

Space Room

Portland's favorite space-themed dive got a renovation recently, making the annex look like an alien's swinger pad. The fishbowl cocktails are still stiff and cheap as ever.

4800 SE Hawthorne Blvd / 503.235.6957

· Runner-Up: Sandy Hut

· Third Place: Yur's

Best Sports Bar

Century Bar

The only sports bar in town with bleachers to sit on while you watch the big game—and a rooftop patio to relax and unwind after the final buzzer.

930 SE Sandy Blvd

· Runner-Up: Spirit of 77

· Third Place: Blitz Ladd

Best LGBT Bar

Crush Bar

Crush prides itself on being the friendliest, most inclusive gay bar in town, right down to the three bathrooms: one with a two man sign, one with two women, and one with a man and a woman.

1400 SE Morrison St / 503.235.8150

· Runner-Up: CC Slaughters

· Third Place: Embers

Best Cocktail Lounge

Hale Pele

All the bartenders wear Hawaiian shirts here at what WW dubbed the "best little bar in fake Hawaii."

2733 NE Broadway St / 503.662.8454

· Runner-Up: Vintage Cocktail Lounge

· Third Place: Vintage Cocktail Lounge

Best Wine Bar

Noble Rot

Noble Rot features one of the finest, sunset-viewing patios in all of Portland. Oh, and we hear the wine selection is pretty good, too.

1111 E Burnside St / 503.233.1999

· Runner-Up: Southeast Wine Collective

· Third Place: Blackbird Wine Shop

Best Cider House

Portland Cider Company

While no longer boasting the largest tap list of any cider house in Portland, the Portland Cider Company is still the best place in town to grab a pint of ferment apple juice.

8925 SE Jannsen Road, Clackamas, OR / 503.908.7654

3638 SE Hawthorne Blvd / 503.206.6283

· Runner-Up: Reverend Nat's Hard Cider

· Third Place: Cider Riot!

Best Date Bar

Sapphire Hotel

Cocktails, mood lighting and ubiquitous blood red coloring create an unquestionably sexy atmosphere.

5008 SE Hawthorne Blvd / 503.232.6333

· Runner-Up: Aalto Lounge

· Third Place: Gold Dust Meridian

Best Casino

Spirit Mountain

Less than two hours southwest of Portland, you can gamble, smoke indoors and wait in buffet lines with septuagenarians to your heart's delight.

27100 Salmon River Hwy, Grand Ronde, OR / 503.879.2350

· Runner-Up: Chinook Winds

· Third Place: None

Best Strip Club

Sassy's Bar & Grill

With 30 odd taps of grossly underpriced beer—everything is only $2.50 a pint during happy hour—Sassy's is a hell of bar. There just also happens to be talented naked women performing advanced acrobatic maneuvers in front of a refreshingly mix-gendered crowd.

927 SE Morrison St / 503.231.1606

· Runner-Up: Devils Point

· Third Place: Casa Diablo

Best Beer Selection on Tap

Horse Brass Pub

The Portland beer scene wouldn't be what it is today if Horse Brass hadn't been here at the beginning, buying kegs from fledgling brewers with big dreams.

4534 SE Belmont St / 503.232.2202

· Runner-Up: Apex

· Third Place: Loyal Legion

Best Happy Hour

Aalto Lounge

$3 dollar happy hour cocktails. We repeat: $3 happy hour cocktails.

3356 SE Belmont St / 503.235.6041

· Runner-Up: Ringside

· Third Place: Bartini

Best Place to Play Darts

Horse Brass Pub

It's only fitting that darts, the finest pub game, is best played at Horse Brass, Portland's finest pub.

4534 SE Belmont St / 503.232.2202

· Runner-Up: Moon & sixpence

· Third Place: Lucky Lab

Best Place to Play Pingpong

Pips & Bounce

Pips & Bounce is really more of a ping pong club that also happens to serve booze.

833 SE Belmont St / 503.928.4664

· Runner-Up: Rontoms

· Third Place: Zach's Shack

Best Place to Shoot Pool


Four pool stables and stiff drinks, just like how Fast Eddie would have wanted it. Goodfoot is a bustling bar and music venue but savvy Portlanders also flock here for its cheap—and often free—pool.

2845 SE Stark St / 503.239.9292

· Runner-Up: Sam's Billiards

· Third Place: Rialto's

Best Pinball Spot

Ground Kontrol

Pinball machines are more than a way to have a good time, they're collectors items, windows into a forgotten time. The second floor has a collection of fantastic machines themed after movies and TV shows that time forgot, like the mid-90s Alec Baldwin vehicle, the Shadow.

115 NW 5th Ave / 503.796.9364

· Runner-Up: QuarterWorld

· Third Place: Paymaster

Best Place to Dance


WW readers' favorite place to dance is also coincidentally a killer concert hall and wedding venue.

1001 SE Morrison St / 503.239.7639

· Runner-Up: Goodfoot

· Third Place: Lovecraft

Best Drag Show

Darcelle XV

This drag show has been going strong since the titular Darcelle XV, the most venerable drag queen on the West Coast and former grand marshall of the Rose Festival, founded the Showplace nearly 40 years ago.

208 NW 3rd Ave / 503.222.5338

· Runner-Up: Queer Horror – Hollywood Theater

· Third Place: Club Kai – Kai

Best Karaoke


Voicebox's private rooms allow karaoke to be a more personal experience for a few friends, even those who may feel self-conscious, to sing "Midnight Train" together.

2112 NW Hoyt St / 503.303.8220

734 SE 6th Ave / 503.303.8220

· Runner-Up: The Alibi

· Third Place: Chopsticks

Best Trivia Night

Geeks Who Drink – McMenamin's Mission Theater

Geeks Who Drink is a group dedicated to bringing trivia, the thinking man's pub game, to bars all across the country. The Mission Theater is the biggest and therefore best venue for pub trivia.

· Runner-Up: Quizissippi with Molly Anderson – Mississippi Pizza Pub

· Third Place: ShanRock's Triviology

Best Jukebox

Roadside Attraction

The appeal of this jukebox goes beyond its beautiful vintage design and huge collection of jazz music, it's also free to use.

1000 SE 12th Ave / 503.233.0743

· Runner-Up: Mary's Club

· Third Place: Conquistador

Best DJ

Anjali and the Incredible Kid

DJ Anjali & the Incredible Kid first introduced Portland to the driving beats of Bhangra, Bollywood and Global Bass on New Year's Eve in 2000.

2845 SE Stark St / 503.239.9292

· Runner-Up: DJ Wicked

· Third Place: DJ Aurora

Best Bartender

Andrew – Aalto Lounge

Look no further than the cocktail menu at this stylish midcentury lounge (and packed happy hour spot) to understand why bartender and manager Andrew Moore was named the Best Bartender in Portland.

3356 SE Belmont St / 503.235.6041

· Runner-Up: Amy Snyder – Lucky Devil & Devils Point

· Third Place: Phoebe Newcomb – Landmark Saloon & Brooklyn Park Pub

Best Stripper

Elle Stanger

· Runner-Up: Hemlock – Devils Point

· Third Place: Brodie Grody

Best Party of the Year

Red Dress Party

It's that one night a year when Portlanders come together to put on red dresses and dance their asses off.

· Runner-Up: Devils Point Bikini Car and Dog Wash

· Third Place: Howl

Best Park

Forest Park

The Wildwood Trail is over 30 miles of meandering, breathtaking goodness, just try not to get spooked when you stumble upon the ominous stone house. Forest Park is also home to the largest urban forest in the United States.

NW 29th Ave & Upshur St to Newberry Rd

· Runner-Up: Mt. Tabor Park

· Third Place: Laurelhurst

Best Dog Park

Thousand Acres

True to its name, this scenic park at the Sandy River Delta has 1,000 acres of woods, fields, wetlands and mud for your best friend to run wild.

Thousand Acres Rd, Troutdale, OR

· Runner-Up: Mt. Tabor Park

· Third Place: Gabriel Park

Best Place to Hike

Columbia Gorge

Running the gamut from temperate rainforest to dry grassland, the Gorge is a great place to wander around Oregon's scenic beauty and maybe see some petroglyphs along the way.

· Runner-Up: Forest Park

· Third Place: Tryson Creek

Best Place to Bike

Springwater Corridor

Most of the 21 miles of the Springwater Corridor are paved, leading you from Portland to Gresham with a homeless cat shelter or two along the way.

· Runner-Up: Banks Vernonia

· Third Place: Eastbank Esplanade

Best Place to Run

Forest Park

Why run on city streets or a treadmill at the gym, when you can jog along this winding, 30-mile trail through the woods?

· Runner-Up: Eastbank Esplanade

· Third Place: Tom McCall Waterfront Park

Best Family Outing

Sauvie Island

There are plenty of beaches and places for your dogs to run around on Sauvie Island, one of the largest river islands in the entire US.

· Runner-Up: Oregon Zoo

· Third Place: OMSI

Best Swimming Spot

Sauvie Island

There are several public beaches—a clothing-optional one—on Sauvie Island for you to take a dip in the Columbia River. Be on the lookout for Cancer Fish.

· Runner-Up: Secret Sandy River

· Third Place: Rooster Rock State Park

Best Skatepark

Burnside Skatepark

Originally built by Portland skaters without the city's approval, Burnside has been featured on Tony Hawk games.

SE 2nd Ave

· Runner-Up: Oaks Park

· Third Place: Pier Park

Best Golf Course


Across the lake from the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden, the now-100-year-old Eastmoreland Golf Course rivals Augusta in scenic beauty.

2425 SE Bybee Blvd / 503.775.2900

· Runner-Up: Glendoveer

· Third Place: Heron Lakes

Best Bike Event

Naked Bike Ride

The photos from this event is also one of our most popular annual posts.

· Runner-Up: Sunday Parkways

· Third Place: Pedalpalooza

Best Running Event

Hood to Coast

Approximately 200 miles of sweat, blood and tears stand between Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood and coastal seaside, but that hasn't stopped this Herculean 12-person relay from becoming one of the most popular runs in the land.

· Runner-Up: Shamrock Run

· Third Place: Portland Marathon

Best Dispensary

Brothers Cannabis Club

At a whopping seven years old, Brothers Cannabis Club is Portland's oldest dispensary and one of the few to carry the rare Charlotte's Web strain.

3609 SE Division St / 503.894.8001

· Runner-Up: Farma

· Third Place: Oregon's Finest

Best Head Shop

Mellow Mood

The selection of glassware at this goofy head shop is almost gallery-like, from quality mid-range options Alien-themed pieces that are too expensive to ever smoke out of.

1501 SW Broadway / 503.227.5099

4119 SE Hawthorne Blvd / 503.235.7473

· Runner-Up: Mary Jane's House of Glass

· Third Place: Pypes Palace

Best Cannabis Strain

Blue Dream

Bred to be a blend of sativa and indica, many Portlanders have a special, long relationship with Blue Dream.

· Runner-Up: Durban Poison

· Third Place: Dutch Treat

Best Cannabis-Infused Product

Grön Chocolate

While the umlaut makes it look like a fancy, potentially made-up name like Häagen-Dazs, Grön Chocolate is actually bilingual play on words.

5134 SE Foster Rd / 503.946.8169

· Runner-Up: Empower BodyCare

· Third Place: Luminous Botanicals

Best Edible Product

Grön Chocolate

Artisanal chocolate is what you'll want to eat after toking up, so why not knock out two birds with one stone? says WW readers.

5134 SE Foster Rd / 503.946.8169

· Runner-Up: Squibs

· Third Place: Periodic Edibles

Best Organic Cannabis Selection


Farma with its unique strain classification system and premium organic strain selection is what the future of boutique cannabis will look like.

916 SE Hawthorne Blvd / 503.206.4357

· Runner-Up: MindRite

· Third Place: Oregon's Finest

Best Budtender

Samnang Chan – Brothers

The best budtender as Portland's oldest and best dispensary is also, coincidentally, the readers choice for the Portland's best budtender.

· Runner-Up: Lydia Barclay – Farma

· Third Place: Liv – MindRite

Best Place to Get High



· Runner-Up: My house

· Third Place: My couch

Best Cannabis Event

Cultivation Classic

Co-produced by Willamette Week and Farma, the Cultivation Classic is the biggest organic cannabis festival around.

· Runner-Up: Hempstalk

· Third Place: Dope Industry Awards

Best Cannabis Farm

Yerba Buena

One of the first eight cannabis companies in Oregon to receive a business license, Yerba Buena churns out some of the highest-testing CBD strains the world has ever seen.

· Runner-Up: Bull Run Craft Cannabis

· Third Place: 7 Points Oregon & Eco Firma Farms