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Hey there. 

I'm re-reading a book right now called Gather The People: A Simple, Honest Approach to Creating Work That People Love, Buy & Share, by Sarah J. Bray. 

In it, Bray argues the best way to do work that resonates is to share it early and often with your intended audience, collecting feedback as you go. 

Such an approach accomplishes three things: it increases the quality of our work, ensures there's an appetite for it, and builds a team of supporters who feel invested in it. 

Bray practices what she preaches; I'm re-reading her book because she's producing a second edition and sending the re-vamped chapters to her email list. 

I'll be honest: as a recovering perfectionist, Bray's strategy scares the bejeezus out of me. I'm much more comfortable staying cloistered with my work until I think it's completely finished.

But what's comfortable isn't necessarily what's best. 

If you read my last email, you'll know that I'm finishing a novel that began as a NaNoWriMo draft in 2013. I pitched it to an editor a few weeks ago at The Surrey International Writer's Conference. She loved the idea and asked for my first three chapters, final chapter, and synopsis. 

A part of me wants to hold onto those things and the sense of possibility that exists in letting her request remain a request. If I never sent them, I could say I pitched successfully, and leave it at that. I'd never get rejected. 

I'm going to send them, though, which is why I'm writing you: I'm looking for people to read and comment on my submission before I ship it.

The book is about a gorgeous pothead shape shifter from West Vancouver who has to save her people from a cannibal, and, as a result of a magical accident, she has to do it as a Pomeranian. 

The story is what you might get if the books of Karen Marie Moning had a baby with the books of Kurt Vonnegut, and Janet Fitch was the surrogate. 

If you're up for being a reader, hit "reply" and I'll give you access. 

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